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LED Sign Construction Details

TURN-KEY Manufacturing, Installation, and Service

 Guaranteed Highest Quality ... Guaranteed Lowest Price™

When signs are installed on poles both sign faces are enclosed in a single fully-enclosing cabinet, improving the impression the LED sign creates as well as increasing cooling by increasing the volume of air available to cool components; very important in Texas.  Individual LED faces straddling a pole with exposed mounting steel and wiring appears cheap.

Free-standing signs are engineered to survive a 140 mph wind.

Sunburst Displays aluminum sign frameAll face-plates, the part of the sign that the display's external LED boards are mounted to, are CAD/CNC (Computer Aided Design/Computer Numerical Controlled) routed from solid aluminum plate, to prevent rusting and increase heat dissipation.

An extensive lattice-formed 3-dimensional aluminum frame is welded to the face-plate to insure rigidity and further aid in heat dissipation.

Aluminum is also used for all exterior surfaces of the sign cabinet, again to prevent future rusting.

Water Exclusion TestAlmost all Chinese-manufactured signs, among others, have steel cabinets and face-plates.

With some manufacturers, incredibly, the face-plate is merely many individual pieces bolted together.  Hardly engineered to withstand 140 mph tornado winds.

Water is the enemy of electronic message centers.  Sunburst Displays™ developed a unique cabinet design that channels water and ice away from vital internal electrical components and wiring.

The face boards, containing the LEDs, are gasketed and hermetically sealed to prevent moisture from entering the sign through the faces.

EMC under constructionThe interior of the sign incorporates a welded structural-steel frame, necessary for the strength to withstand 140 mph winds.  All other interior metal is aluminum also.

All fasteners are galvanized or non-corrosive; no rust.

Most Chinese displays are painted with questionable paints.  (Remember when the Chinese were caught painting Mattel kid's toys with lead paint?)  Click on our "Paints/Finishes" and "Protective Coatings" tabs on the left to learn how we protect the metals, electronics, and plastics in our signs.  We even add self-cleaning properties.

Incredibly some LED signs are merely boxes bolted to a lattice-work with all their interconnecting wiring and connecting points exposed.

Custom-Optimized Sign Design - Sunstional(TM) Engineering

LED Signs should be readable at all times, even during direct-sunlight periods.

Because of this, we developed our Sunsational(TM) manufacturing engineering which considers the direction of the sign faces, the relative angles faces will be viewed from and the height the sign will be installed at.

Visit our Showroom and we will demonstrate how we custom-design every individual sign face to achieve the maximum brightness and maximum contrast possible during even the most direct sunlight period.

Very importantly, we our signs are built to incorporate this Sunsational(TM) engineering within the sign frame to achieve an attractive and effective finished product.  Our Representatives can explain the design considerations, implementation and the tremendous benefit in more detail.

Quality Certified Signs™ Trained Technicians

Quality Certified Signs TechnicianAll of our shop, installation and service personnel are QualityCertifiedSigns trained technicians.

Go to www.QualityCertifiedSigns.org for listing details.

Certified Welding

We employ Certified Welders; horizontal, vertical, and overhead.

We are virtually the only sign company in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex employing certified welders.

Electrical Design Center Safety Issues

It is a criminal offense in Texas for a unlicensed individual to design an electrical sign, or an electrical system.  A licensed Master Sign Electrician or Master Electrician is required, or a design company approved by statute, regardless of whether the signs was manufactured within or outside of Texas.  We have both Master types involved in designing our signs.  Our employee's State of Texas Electrical and Sign Master License numbers are:  00002753, 00007305 and 00238434.

If you wonder if a sign-seller can legally design, install and service electrical signs in Texas go to http://www.tdlr.texas.gov/LicenseSearch, enter "Electricians" in the "Inquire by License Type" box and the name of the sign business or person in the "Inquire by Name" box.

Why are “Listed" Signs Critical to You?

Full Color Classic-III Double-Sided Display and Lighted LED Sign Cabinet RetrofitVirtually ALL cities, as well as the State of Texas, adopt the National Electric Code as law.

The National Electric Code (NEC) requires that for electrical, structural, and installation safety all electrical signs be "Listed" (tested and labelled with an appropriate Listing Mark.)

Certification (testing and labelling) organizations acceptable in the USA to test to the multitude of Standards signs are required to meet are determined by OSHA.

For you the Listing Mark is insurance.  It means that the sign has been tested to insure that it is structurally and electrically safe, and will be installed properly.  You benefit from the knowledge that it is not solely us telling you that our signs are safe, this is what the testing laboratories and the US Government says also.

Will your sign be tested and approved for safe use in a Wet (Outdoor) location? Not if it’s not Listed!

Underwriters Laboratories (“UL” Listing Mark) and Intertek (“ETL” Listing Mark – originally Edison Testing Laboratory founded by Thomas Edison) are the premier certification organizations and 80% of all things electrical are tested by them.

If the sign you are purchasing does not have a ETL or UL Listing Mark label the sign is probably not legal to install, anywhere in Texas.

If your city rejects your sign after it is installed, what do you do?  Do you think a bandit sign company, manufacturing and installing illegal signs, will stand behind you? Worse, because the sign is illegal they probably tried to put it up without a City Sign Permit. Now the city can shut-down your business.

Buy carefully.

UL Listing MarkETL Listing MarkIntertek is over twice the size of UL, and has a greater global presence.  UL is the largest in the USA.  We have both companies test and apply Listing Marks to various signs.

Whether it's channel letters, a wall cabinet sign, a monument sign, pole or pylon signs, electronic message centers, video displays, neon or other electric signs Intertek and Underwriter’s Laboratory pose the toughest design, structural, electrical, and installation standards on the products they approve.

Our companies include the 9th oldest UL Listed Manufacturer in North Texas.  (File #UXYT.E149959)

To see if a manufacturer is a UL Listed electronic sign manufacturer go to http://database.ul.com/cgi-bin/XYV/template/LISEXT/1FRAME/ccnsrch.html and enter "UYFS" in the "UL Category Code" box, replacing "%ccn%".

To see if a manufacturer is an ETL Listed sign manufacturer go to  http://etlwhidirectory.etlsemko.com/WebClients/ITS/DLP/products.nsf/ and enter "UL-48" in the search box.

We are the third oldest ETL Listed sign company in Texas. ( File #4007685)   (One of the two older companies makes lighted scoreboards, the other makes lighted office door signs.)

There are many sign companies that pretend to be Listed, but are not!

Incidentally, ISO (International Organization of Standardization) Standards, such as ISO 9001, are NOT electrical Listings (similar to a UL or ETL Listing) that allow a sign to be installed in Texas.  That said, components in our electronic signs also meet ISO 9001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and RoHS standards.

Underwriter’s Laboratory and Intertek do NOT judge the appearance, appeal, or the longevity of a product.  This is why our many years of experience serving international, national, regional and local customers, and our investment so that we can apply the knowledge we’ve gained, will give you a superior product which will impress your customers for years to come.

Listing Testing

As a part of UL/ETL product testing, in addition to the evaluations of materials, methods of construction, and how the sign will be installed, the following tests are performed:

  • 24 hour Temperature Rise Test (ANSI/UL 5.2)

  • 24 hour Electrical Usage and Stability (ANSI/UL 5.5)

  • Gasket Aging Test (ANSI/UL 5.7)

  • Gasket Adhesion Test (ANSI/UL 5.8)

  • Exclusion of Water Test (ANSI/UL 5.9)

  • Hi-Pot Test while the Sign is Wet (ANSI/UL 5.3)

  • Bond Impedance (ANSI/UL 5.1)

  • Electronics Input Test (ANSI/UL 8.2)

  • Electronics Humidity Test (ANSI/UL 8.12.1)

To become Listed a sign must Pass every test.

Additional Testing

In addition to the testing required by OSHA, UL and/or Intertek (ETL), Sunburst Displays™ has tested our signs for the following:

  • Hi Temperature Test.  (Mil Std. 883)  Sunburst Displays™ constructed an "atmosphere chamber" we can place entire signs in and control the environment they operate in.  We have proven the electronics, wiring, and design of our Video Displays and Electronic Message Centers beyond 210°F.

  • Altitude Test.  (Mil Std. 810)  Using another mode of our "atmosphere chamber" we have proven the electronics, wiring, and design of our Video Displays and Electronic Message Centers at an altitude of 18,000 feet - halfway through the earth's atmosphere.  Electricity arcs to grounded objects from much further away in thinner air.

  • Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test.  (ASTM D149-09)  The electronic components and wiring in every Video Display and Electronic Message Center is "Hi-Pot" tested at 1,200 volts to make sure that the system will not "leak" voltage even under extreme circumstances.

The Electrical Advantage of a “Listed" Sign

Listed Signs Save You Money.

Sunburst Displays™ Video Displays and Electronic Message Centers, because they are Listed, are approved to operate with approximately 40% of the power supply requirements of unlisted signs.

This is a huge savings in installation costs, as only 40% of the comparable electrical service needs to be provided.

And since the National Electrical Code limits the branch circuits serving signs to 20 amps maximum, this equates to many fewer circuits.

For safety, an untested sign (not Listed) must be supplied with enough electricity to meet the total “continuous” needs of each internal components rating.  (Each components rating x 125%)

A Listed sign has been tested as a whole, and the amount of energy actually used has been determined.  The sign is approved for use when supplied with this amount of electricity.

This is always much less than the rating of each internal component taken individually, so the cost of installing electricity to the sign will be significantly less.

Electromagnetic Interference

Radio Frequency (RF) interference from an electronic sign can cause the sign to interfere with radios, cell phones, radar, TV signals, automatic door openers, hospital equipment, etc.

Radio frequency interference can also cause radios, cell phones, radar, automatic door openers, TV signals, hospital equipment, etc. to interfere with an electronic sign.

Although not required in the United States, Sunburst Displays™ had our electronic signs tested for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), even testing beyond the rigorous European standards.

Our non-intrusive circuitry even protects itself, rebooting the sign automatically if an extreme circumstance interferes with our sign.

This assures you of an even-more-trouble-free sign when you purchase from Sunburst Displays™.

Zap Protection™ - Optional Electrical Surge and Lightning Protection

Electrical surges on a sign’s incoming power supply, and lightning strikes, are not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty, and they are common in Texas.

As technology has moved us from the use of electrical components such as core-and-coil ballasts to electronic components, primarily to reduce power consumption, the susceptibility of a sign to damage from electrical power surges or lightning strikes has increased dramatically.  Old-style electrical components are simply no longer available in most cases.

Sunburst Displays™ offers surge and lightning Zap Protection™, at a reasonable additional cost, adding components to signs to lower the potential for damage from an occurrence.

150 VRMS clamping volts for ground, 310 VRMS for line.  Maximum surge current 100,000 amps, 0-400 Hz, UL Listed.

State Licensed Sign Installation and Sign Service

Our group of companies forms a full-service sign company.  We provide sign site surveys, sign permits, sign installation and sign maintenance services for electrical and non-electrical signs for our customers as well as other sign companies.  We provide this work in Dallas, Fort Worth (DFW), and ALL of North Texas and Northeast Texas.

State Sign and Electrical License Numbers:  TECL17503, TSCL18015, TSCL18016.

Our technicians are also Quality Certified Signs™ certified.   (Click the "Installation & Service" tab for details.)

OVER 60,000 SIGNS MANUFACTURED AND INSTALLEDWe serve and have installed signs in the Texas cities of Addison, Aledo, Allen, Alvarado, Anna, Argyle, Arlington, Athens, Aubrey, Avalon, Azle, Balch Springs, Bedford, Benbrook, Blue Mound, Bonham, Briar, Bridgeport, Buckingham, Burleson, Caddo Mills, Canton, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Celina, Cleburne, Cockrell Hill, Colleyville, The Colony, Combine, Coppell, Corsicana, Crandall, Crowley, Dallas, Dalworthington Gardens, Decatur, Denison, Denton, Desoto, D/FW Airport, Dido, Duncanville, Eagle Mountain Lake, Edgecliff, Ennis, Euless, Everman, Farmers Branch, Farmersville, Ferris, Flower Mound, Forest Hill, Forney, Fort Worth, Frisco, Gainesville, Garland, Glenn Heights, Granbury, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Greenville, Gun Barrel City, Haltom City, Haslet, Highland Park, Hillsboro, Hudson Oaks, Hurst, Hutchins, Irving, Italy, Itasca, Jacksboro, Joshua, Justin, Kaufman, Keene, Keller, Kennedale, Kleberg, Krum, Lake Dallas, Lake Worth, Lakeside, Lancaster, Las Colinas, Lawson, Lewisville, Little Elm, Longview, Mansfield, Marshall, Maypearl, McKinney, Melissa, Mesquite, Midlothian, Milford, Mineral Wells, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon, Murphy, Nevada, Newark, North Richland Hills, Ovilla, Palmer, Pantego, Paris, Parker County, Pelican Bay, Pittsburg, Plano, Ponder, Princeton, Prosper, Quinlan, Quitman, Red Oak, Rendon, Richardson, Richland Hills, Rice, River Oaks, Roanoke, Rockwall, Rowlett, Royse City, Sachse, Saginaw, Sansom Park, Sanger, Seagoville, Sherman, Silver Creek, Southlake, Springtown, Stephenville, Sulphur Springs, Sunnyvale, Terrell, Texarkana, Trophy Club, Tyler, University Park, Van Alstyne, Valley View, Watauga, Waxahachie, Weatherford, Wedgewood, Westlake, Weston, Westover Hills, Wheatland, White Settlement, Whitney, Wichita Falls, Willow Park, Wills Point, Wilmer, and Wylie.

ZIP Codes 75001 thru 76958.

Area Codes 214, 254, 430, 469, 682, 817, 903, 940, and 972.

Serving Collin, Cook, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Fannin, Franklin, Grayson, Henderson, Hill, Hood, Hopkins, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Lamar, Navarro, Parker, Rockwall, Somervell, Tarrant, Titus, Van Zandt, Wood, and Wise Counties in Texas.

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