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Summary – What Makes Our LED Signs Different?


  • SolarBrite™ Large LEDs – A brighter sign with exceptional viewing angles.
  • Balanced Array™ – For better looking pictures.
  • Internal Processor – Not a computer with all the associated problems they create.
  • Easy-To-Use, Open Architecture Programming Software – Proprietary is Bad, in The Cloud is Bad, Open Architecture software is Good. Our software is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Both Superior™ and Enhanced™ Operating Modes – Even more versatility.  Lets the sign owner decide which display “look” is best for them.
  • Text, Graphics, Text-over-Image, Fonts, Clip-Art, Pre-Programmed Video, Video, Animation, Slide-Shows, Time, Temperature, Sound  – Absolute versatility.
  • 64 GB Non-Volatile Memory – This sign will run, and do, whatever you want it to do – every time.
  • Individual Glare Shields – A sign you can read during the day.
  • Pre-Programmed – No learning curve.
  • Easy-To-Use, Logical Control System
  • Structural Steel Frames with Aluminum Exterior Skins – No rust and lasts forever.  Virtually Hail-proof.
  • Ceramic Vacuum Microsphere Exterior Coating – Temperature protection for the sign.
  • Signlux Paint Systems™ Automotive+ paints and 2 part primer system – The same exterior paint type they paint a Ferrari with.  It looks new virtually forever, helping your business.
  • SolarGuard™ and Lumabrite™ Protected Plastics – Won’t fade and look bad to customers.
  • Self-Cleaning Sign Faces – Your sign never looks dirty and dingy, chasing potential customers away.
  • US Military Specification Electrical Insulating Coating – Protects all interior electronics and electrics.
  • H2ORepel™ Waterproof Interior Coating – Double+ protects all interior electronics, electrics and wiring.
  • Energy Saving Electrical – Saves 35% or more of electricity costs.
  • Thermostat-controlled Power Ventilation – Saves maintenance costs while saving energy costs.
  • UL/ETL Listed Signs – This sign can be installed anywhere, and moved anywhere at a later time.  Requires much less electrical service than an unlisted sign.
  • Individually LED Brightness Calibration – Our signs will have each LED adjusted to ensure that your sign avoids the “patchwork quilt” appearance that you see so often with new and used LED signs.
  • Superior Control Hardware – Makes every sign look better! (see for yourself)


  • Guaranteed Highest Quality…Guaranteed Lowest Price™ – We manufacture the best signs, for the lowest price.
  • DFW’s Largest LED Sign Supplier – Trust in the best, to get the best!
  • Lifetime* Warranty – Saves you money forever.
  • Product Liability Insurance – Protects you and your customers forever.
  • Deposit Insurance – Your money is protected even if we were to default.
  • Established 1979 and the Largest Custom Sign Company in North Texas – We back our claims.
  • Eleven Person On-Location Sales Team – At your location to help you anytime we are needed.
  • Sign Showroom – Don’t buy a sign from a drawing when you can see the real thing.
  • Automatic Customer Updates – Always know where your sign is in production and when the completion date will be.
  • State Licensed Electrical Sign Contractor – We know our business and do our job.
  • State Licensed Electrical Contractor – We know electricity.
  • Trained QualityCertifiedSigns™ Technicians – We understand quality.
  • We Actually Manufacture the Signs – Single-source responsibility.
  • Full-Service Sign Company – We manufacture, install, and service all signs; ours and others.  Seven cranes/bucket trucks to 80′ reach.  Seven installation/service crews.
  • Electronic LED Sign Experts – Because we manufacture them, we also know how to fix them all.
  • Many Different Payment Options – Cash, Credit Card, and monthly payment plans including Conserve Your Nest Egg™, Signs on Time™ Leases (with Zero Down options) and Pay as You Grow Lease/Purchase™ options.
  • Delayed-Deposit Billing™ – Significantly reduced initial billing to help you control your cash-flow.
  • Free Grand Opening Package* – We want you to be successful; here’s another way we’re helping. A free “Coming Soon” and “Grand Opening” banner with your name on it, and free “store” hours lettered on your door. *Minimum order required.

Buy Your LED Signs Direct

Custom LED Signs    |    Full-Color & Monochrome Electronic Signage    |    Digital Billboards

There are 3 different designs of LED Signs manufactured;

  • Classic™ Pixel-cluster design
  • Balanced Array™
  • SMD™ technology

Which one is best?  It depends.

We not only manufacture all 3 designs, we explain to you the differences, help you decide which is best for your specific needs, and let you see for yourself in our Showroom.

Don’t buy your sign until you know you’re buying the right one!  Your LED sign should help your business grow, but not all LED signs (or LED sign manufacturers) are the same.

Our guy who did all the programming for the sign doesn't work here anymore and we can't get into the software to change the message. It has a password and we don't know what it is. I tried calling the company that built it but they're no longer in business!
Mary ChriswellAdams Valley Farms
I had a ------ (sign company) right across the street … that store's out of business now … I found out they hired some other company to build and install our sign and they did a really #@%&&$ job, the thing has never lit right. ------ Corporate won't do anything, they say the closed store was an independent franchise, and the sign builder/installer won't fix it, they say we weren't their customer. I need you to come out, tell me what it will cost to get the thing working properly and get it fixed.
Chris JenningersJimmy Johns
No company, except you, routinely provides us with next-day service. I also recognize how important our signs and neon are to our success, and appreciate your service.
Randall BrownWhataburger

Don't Forget To Visit Our Sign Showroom and Production Facility!

We have a large variety of LED signs, monochrome and full color, available for your reviewing and comparison.