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Brick and Masonry

Many cities, like Fort Worth, Irving, Southlake and Mesquite now require that free-standing signs be covered in masonry materials.

This can be accomplished with actual brick and mortar or with faux stone panels installed over a metal framework.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Foundations and Brickwork

TCC Monument SignWe often work with our customer's masons to install signs on brick or masonry columns.  Often we install the sign and the mason places his stonework around the sign.

However, we employ our own masons to totally construct turn-key signs.  This is usually much more convenient for our customers because we are totally responsible for engineering, permitting, manufacturing and installing the signs.  We procure the stone.  We form the foundation.

Have you ever noticed all the unleveled Monument signs, and signs with cracks or stones falling off?  We recognize that the foundation of a good sign is a good foundation.  We routinely form our foundation three-times thicker than most, and incorporate pier-holes at each corner.  With signs, image is everything.

Maybe the most important aspect of a sign built with actual brick and mortar is that it is easily repairable.  Things seem to happen to commercial signs in parking lots.

Maybe the most important positive realization of a customer that had us totally construct their sign is that we know what we are doing and the sign can later be serviced.  Unlike many, we do not close-off the ability to later service the sign when we install the brick-work!

Faux Stone Brick

Faux Stone Monumebnt Sign with Raised Aluminum LetteringSometimes, though, it is too costly, impossible, or dangerous to cover a sign cabinet with masonry.  Particularly if it is tall.

Even most buildings are finished with faux stone above the first floor.

We have the ability to manufacture the sign with a stucco, brick, stone, or aggregate exterior faux finish that will fool a mason.

It is strong, durable, weatherproof, and meets fire code.

It is installed over a metal frame, engineered to withstand a 100 mph wind.

It, too, is repairable.  However, repairs are more involved and usually more expensive.

Mowing pads must be significant because weed-eaters and lawn-mowers can damage faux panels.


Brick Panels



red brick grey grout

tan brick tan grout

dark red brick dark grout

old world brick gray grout

Red Brick
Gray Grout

Tan Brick
Tan Grout

Dark Red Brick

 Dark Grout

Old World Brick

 Gray Grout

Stone Panels



stone gray


granite block

granite block light gray




Granite Block

Granite Block

 Light Gray

granite block tan

granite block light tan

garden stone

block coral

Granite Block


Granite Block

 Light Tan

Garden Stone

Block Coral

hand cut block gray

hand cut block light gray

hand cut block tan

hand cut block light tan

Hand Cut Block Gray

Hand Cut Block

 Light Gray

Hand Cut Block

Hand Cut Block

 Light Tan

large river stone gray

large river stone natural

large river stone tan

small river stone

Large River Stone Gray

Large River Stone


Large River Stone


Small River


natural rock brown

natural rock gray

slate ivory

slate natural

Natural Rock Brown

Natural Rock





stacked stone gray

stacked stone light gray

stacked stone light tan

stacked stone tan

Stacked Stone Gray

Stacked Stone

 Light Gray

Stacked Stone

 Light Tan

Stacked Stone

stone wall gray

stone wall light gray

stone wall light tan

stone wall tan

Stone Wall

Stone Wall
Light Gray

Stone Wall
Light Tan

Stone Wall

Colorado River Rock

Durango Mountain Ledge La Plata Stone Manzanita Stone
Colorado River Rock Durango Mountain


La Plata Stone Manzanita Stone
Mesa Verde Mountain Ledge Pagosa Springs Stacked Ledge Yakima Stone
Mesa Verde Mountain Ledge Pagosa Springs

 Stacked Ledge

Santa Fe Stacked Stone Yakima Stone
Cambria Cliffstone Yukon Mountain Ledge  
Cambria Cliffstone Yukon Mountain Ledge Large Pebble  

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